Jess Vargas, Adobe by Jess Vargas

Adobe owner and stylist, Jess Vargas started her career over 17+ years ago. She worked for Anthropologie a little over 10 years. During her career with Anthropologie & one of the many reasons for wanting to open her own shop, was being a store opening visual lead. She lead and opened 20+ stores across the US & Internationally. In addition to her professional career Jess was able to develop a group of clients in need of updating and styling their homes. It was through these projects & struggling to find home pieces locally she realized there was a definite need for a home shop to carry the assortment of elevated goods that Adobe has and that so many people are searching for. Her love for traveling and Southern California living has definitely influenced the direction of her styling and curation of the product for Adobe.

She has also made it apart of  Adobe's mission to chose brands and products that are ethically and sustainably made. Many of the vendors we work with create employment with fair wages and so much more for artisans across the globe. 

Johanna Swanson, Mar Y Lana 

Mar Y Lana started when my son, then 2 yrs old, began wearing a family heirloom poncho around our little beach town of Cardiff by the SEaWhen I set out to find the artisans who made these beautiful textiles that I loved wearing as a child, I never expected I would encounter such a rich story.  The village where these artisans live was once a thriving hub with over 60 men weaving behind every door of the cobble stone streets. By the time I encountered my artisan partners they were the only weavers remaining. As they recall, their economy was ruined when China joined the global market (or should we say "fast fashion".  Now the many men who once wove have resorted to working in the coal mines and potato fields while their looms sit vacant or have even been burned for fire wood.  

Shem & Lara Gott, Mr. B’s Necessities 

We are Shem and Lara Gott, the husband/wife team who started Mr. B’s Necessities. The idea to make pure, sustainable, plant-based bath and body products came when we starting using our son’s baby food jars to make essential oil candles way back in 2012. We loved the fresh smell of these aromatherapy candles so much that we figured others might too. Since then we have expanded into a minimal line of body care essentials including soap, deodorant, facial mists, aromatherapy roll-ons, face serum, and lip balm.

Julie Rais Ellis, Rais Case 

Rais Case started from Julie’s desire to make a bag for her computer, what she discovered was a deep joy for making practical goods. It began as a personal project, and quickly turned into a hobby, then slowly evolved into a study of quality, design, and business.  As a mother of two, wife, artist, traveller, and conscious creator, Julie is passionate about designing the highest quality products that cultivate community and well-being. 


Alden Steimle, Soul Shapers

Soul Shapers was born from the craving to share the stories of inspirational and soulful people I meet throughout my journey of being a full time model. Soul Shapers brings light to Creators, Philanthropists and Educators who are making a difference in this world and inspiring others to do the same.


Danielle Quigley & Sue Fan, Wild Habit

Sue Fan and Danielle Quigley are designers and makers who turned our passion for the outdoors into our WILD HABIT. We went to Antarctica together 12 years ago and have been planning how to capture that magic and make something of it since. Our love for the outdoors, our complimentary creative vision, and all Earth's natural treasures brought us together. We want to bring the beauty of the nature into every heart and home and grow WILD HABIT into a place for inspiration. By sharing the beauty of handmade goods inspired by and from nature, we hope to emphasize the importance of preserving Earth's natural beauty. We hope to make a small difference in how people see, feel, and shop, and give back to the land that we are so inspired by by making sustainable choices and planting a tree for every item sold.